The artist has to be something like a whale with (their) mouth wide open, absorbing everything until (they have) what they really need.
— Romare Bearden

Jessica in Iceland.jpg

As an immensely shy person with an insatiable appetite to observe, make change and tell stories, I feel most comfortable doing so through visual mediums.

Like many other artists, I have trouble talking about my work. I recently heard a friend say, “it’s the work of a person who spends much of her time with her head down looking closely at the little things, then painting from memory.” I don’t believe I could have said it better (thanks Rachel, I hope you don’t mind me using this).

In the past six years my work has changed dramatically; its like all the incredible things I observed and recorded in my head are slowly making their way out. I’ve always extracted such pleasure from the practice of painting; I am lucky to have it.

Jessica’s work can be viewed at the AZ Gallery in Lowertown, Saint Paul. You may also catch her popping up around the Twin Cities installing shows on behalf of the Natural Heritage Project.

Music and painting is a harmonious relationship. Click to “DOWNLOAD” to listen to what motivates me.